Welcome to the website of St Scholastica’s Parish!

I am Father Thanh Tran, Parish Priest, originally from the Vinh Diocese in Central Vietnam.

St Scholastica’s Parish was founded in 1962, separated from St Benedict’s with Father George Maltby as its first parish priest. The parish has grown substantially over the years into a vibrant, dynamic and multicultural community. In 2012 we celebrated the Golden Jubilee Year of our parish with great joy to mark its historical milestone, to give thanks to God for his abundant blessings, and to recommit ourselves to serving God.

We are not just a diverse and welcoming community but one that truly celebrates the mysteries of Christian faith and lives out the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are, however, not a perfect people. And thus we are also in need of God’s healing love and constantly seeking to do God’s will in the circumstances of daily life.

All are welcomed at St Scholastica’s. Those of you who are visitors we encourage you to visit our website, particularly our weekly Chimes to get a glimpse of the life of the parish. But, for a better sense of St Scholastica’s, we urge you to visit our parish as well as to take part in its life.