In 1950 Burwood and Bennettswood territory were part of Box Hill. In 1951, this territory was separated from Box Hill, and made the parish of St Benedict’s Burwood, with Fr Bernie Dillon as its first parish priest.

By 1957 Fr Dillon was convinced of the necessity of a Church School at Bennettswood. By the end of 1958 this was commenced and promised for the opening of the school year. The first school day commenced on Monday 6 July 1959.

During 1960 the question had arisen of a presbytery for St Scholastica’s should the new parish priest arrive the following year, but finances were low. Towards the end of that year a family in Burwood Road contemplated selling their home, which was inspected by Fr Dillon and purchased for St Scholastica’s Presbytery.

1962 was a memorable year; it marked the occasion of St Scholastica’s being declared a Parish of its own First parish priest Fr George Maltby, subsequently built the church.